Thursday, April 9, 2009

PSA: Final Round Update - 4/9/09

We are shaping up for an historic weekend in the Goodman Cup Final, as the game keeps getting closer and closer before the big finale of the 22-day match on Sunday. This is really too close to call because of the remaining games and addition of Special Teams statistics, which are manually calculated each week after the final games are played.

The following updates are from last night's NHL action (4/8/09):

A goal and power play assist from Brian Campbell (6.5 points) helped New England to an 8.5 to 5 edge on a slow Wednesday night. There were two players in action on either side of the ice.
LI 304.8, NE 299.3 (This Week: NE 66.1, LI 32.6)

Yukon had secondary scoring on Wednesday night, while Saint John was a one-trick pony. Yukon's Duncan Keith (0-2-2) scored 8.5 points and Rick Nash (1-1-2, +1) chipped in 6 points. Saint John only received good production from Jason Pominville (7 points).
SJN 350.1, YKN 320.9 (This Week: SJN 64.9, YKN 46.1)

A true off-day for the Hofmann Cup Final to crown the LBP Champion, as no one played on Wednesday.
ROC 352.3, PIT 227.7 (This Week: ROC 44.9, PIT 35.3)

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