Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PSA: Final Round Update - 4/7/09

Here is an update of the Puck & Stick Association, the official fantasy hockey league of this blog (and, conveniently, the league that I run and the league in which I own a team):

In the final week of the Final Rounds in the Goodman Cup Playoffs, Long Island is adding a few insurance points over New England in the title game, Saint John and Yukon are keeping it close in the fight for third place, and Rochester is continuing to pull away from Pittsburgh in the last game for the best of the rest.

(scores through Monday, April 6th)
#3 Long Island 299.0, #1 New England 253.4 (LI by 45.6 pts)
Week 1: LI 136.3, NE 98.3
Week 2: LI 135.9, NE 134.9
This week: LI 26.8, NE 20.2 (LI by 6.6 pts)

NEWMAN CUP FINAL (3rd place)
#4 Saint John 298.8, #2 Yukon 280.2 (SJN by 18.6 pts)
Week 1: SJN 167.9, YKN 120.1
Week 2: YKN 154.7, SJN 117.3
This week: SJN 13.6, YKN 5.4 (SJN by 8.2 pts)

HOFMANN CUP FINAL (Loser's Bracket Playoffs)
#5 Rochester 329.9, #9 Pittsburgh 209.9 (ROC by 120 pts)
Week 1: ROC 112.4, PIT 80.4
Week 2: ROC 195.0, PIT 112.0
This week: ROC 22.5, PIT 17.5 (ROC by 5 pts)

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