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Sports With The StatMan for 2010

Happy New Year to you and yours! I started "Sports With The StatMan" last April as a weekly show to discuss the issues of the day in baseball, football, and hockey for the teams in the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia areas. One of the many things I have learned over the last nine months has been how much there truly is to talk about. Most of our shows have been much more than an hour and, for those of you joining us live, after an hour, the feed cuts out and you have to wait a few minutes for the podcast version to be ready. This is one of the things I want to remedy in the New Year.

First of all, we are going to keep our "Sports With The StatMan" show intact, but it will be kept to one hour. I will try my best not to have it flow past the top of the next hour. We are going to keep the same schedule we kept for most of the last year. During football season, the show will be on from 10-11pm Eastern time on Sunday nights. Starting January 10th until the beginning of next football season, we will be on from 8-9pm Eastern time on Sunday nights. But, due to my personal schedule, I may have to reschedule the show once in a while. Keep your eye on the show page for any changes.

We will continue to talk about the same sports on our show, look at the same teams, and talk about the same issues. However, I have noticed that combining talk about fantasy and reality does not make much sense since those that care about one sometimes do not care about the other. If you care about fantasy, do you really want to wait until 40 minutes after the hour to hear the Top Performers or into the podcast-only version to know who the top scorers in hockey were? If you only care about the play on the field, does it matter who the top fantasy players were in a given week? I want to keep the focus on the teams we cover, but I want to keep the fantasy and statistical content you have come to expect from the "Sports With The StatMan" show.

To that end, we are going to add some supplementary programming to "Sports With The StatMan". The extra programming will be a 15-minute show each week for each of the sports we cover: baseball, football, and hockey. If it is in-season, we will have that extra 15-minute show:

  • On "Sports With The StatMan: Fantasy Football Edition", we will pick the local games and the big games of the week, as well as our "knockout" pick, and who to start and sit in your fantasy football league. We will also look at the fantasy angle, including our weekly look at the Top Performers. We will have 15-minute shows throughout January as the regular season finishes up and the playoffs rage on, closing our 15-minute show schedule during NFC and AFC Championship Weekend (weekend of January 22-24).
  • On "Sports With The StatMan: Fantasy Hockey Edition", we will discuss the best players from the past week in the NHL at each position, both from our five local teams and around the league. We will also offer some advice on who to start and who to sit for your fantasy hockey lineups. Our 15-minute shows for hockey will start in early January and go through the Stanley Cup Finals in early June.
  • On "Sports With The StatMan: Fantasy Baseball Edition", we will break down the past week in baseball to highlight the best statistical performances of the past week. We will also talk about things from a fantasy perspective, offering more advice to who to start, who to sit, who to pick up, and who to drop in your fantasy baseball leagues. We will start the weekend before the season starts (April 4th) and continue through the World Series.

As we introduce more listener interaction, either through live chats, through comments to the show page or the blog, or questions and comments on Twitter, we'll answer the fantasy-related questions during these shows.

We are also going to be more active off-the-air. Every Monday, the show notes from the past show will be up and available on both the show page and the secondary blog, "Random Musings from the StatMan". Also, every Wednesday, I am going to start a sports column to either finish a thought I could not complete on the show, expand on that thought, or talk about something else in the world of sports. This sports column will be available exclusively on the secondary blog.

And, finally, each Wednesday night, I am going to be available for a listener chat on Check the show notes each week for the details on when the chat will take place.

Here are the important links to find out the latest schedule and blogs:
  • Show Page: (or search "Sports With The StatMan" on iTunes)
  • Twitter Feed:
  • Secondary Blog ("Random Musings" Blog):
I invite you to keep listening to the "Sports With The StatMan" Sunday night show for the week that was in baseball, football, and hockey and for the local teams in the New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Also, take a listen to the 15-minute "quick hit" fantasy editions of our shows available each week. If you play fantasy sports, it could help you win a championship. If you don't, you might start. If you are into the stats as I am (my nickname is the StatMan, after all), it could be informative.

These shows and the content on this site will only get better with your feedback. Drop me a line and let me know what you like and don't like about the show. I can't guarantee I'll change, but I will try my best to accommodate. If you have any sports questions or sports topics you have a take on, I'd love to hear it. Get involved!

Here are the upcoming episodes for January on Sports With The StatMan:
  • Fantasy Football Edition - Week 17 (available now)
  • Fantasy Hockey Edition - Week 14 (to be recorded on 1/3/10)
  • Sports With The StatMan: No. 40 (Sunday, January 3rd, 10-11pm ET)
  • Fantasy Football Edition - Wild Card Weekend (to be recorded by 1/9/10)
  • Fantasy Hockey Edition - Week 15 (to be recorded on 1/10/10)
  • Sports With The StatMan: No. 41 (Sunday, January 10th, 8-9pm ET
  • Fantasy Football Edition - Divisional Championship (to be recorded by 1/16/10)
  • Fantasy Hockey Edition - Week 16 (to be recorded on 1/17/10)
  • Sports With The StatMan: No. 42 (Sunday, January 17th, 8-9pm ET)
  • Fantasy Football Edition - Conference Championship Weekend (to be recorded by 1/23/10)
  • Fantasy Hockey Edition - Week 17 (to be recorded on 1/24/10)
  • Sports With The StatMan: No. 43 (Sunday, January 24th, 8-9pm ET)
  • Fantasy Hockey Edition - Week 18 (to be recorded on 1/31/10)
Once again, Happy New Year, and I hope you enjoy the newest offerings from "Sports With The StatMan".

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