Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sports With The StatMan and Out of the Park Baseball

We welcomed Brad Cook, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at OOTP Developments, to the show on August 10th.  OOTP Developments makes the baseball simulation game Out of the Park Baseball 14.

For those of you who do not know about this game, you should.  It is the next generation of baseball for those of us who grew up with Strat-O-Matic, APBA, MicroLeague Baseball, Diamond Mind Baseball, and Baseball Mogul.  Any aspect that you loved with any of the games above, whether it is the managerial gameplay, roster management, historical accuracy, or being able to own players from the game's great past, they are all integral parts of OOTP 14.

Play any season in history, assemble a team of the game's greats, or put together a fictional baseball world with fictional baseball players.  Any and all combinations are possible.  There is a reason why they call each game a "baseball universe".  Not a world, a universe.  Full minor leagues can be set up to support your league.  You can institute feeder leagues like high school and college leagues.

If you are a player of the game, you know what I mean.

We talked with Brad about the game, the burgeoning OOTP community, online leagues, and a lot more.  You can listen to the 30-minute interview on Sports With The StatMan Episode #383.  We thank Brad for being on the show and also providing us with a couple of copies of OOTP 14 to give away.

We have TWO copies of the game to give away and we have thought of creative ways to get you your own copy of OOTP 14.  Read on to find out how!

Contests for free copies of OOTP14
#1: To get a free game, "Like" us on Facebook and reply to our post: "What is your favorite 'what-if' baseball scenario?"  Examples could be something like "what if Babe Ruth faced Pedro Martinez?" or "what if Shoeless Joe Jackson not suspended?".  Be creative, but explain your answer.  The best reply on Facebook will win a copy of OOTP 14.  Replies will be accepted until September 30th at 11:59pm ET.  But, remember, you also have to "Like" the show!

#2: For those who are not on Facebook or do not care much for the history of the game, we will concentrate on the here and now.  If you listen to the show, you know about our participation in's Baseball Challenge, where you pick a weekly lineup with a salary cap or a daily lineup without a cap.  Their performances in the games during the entire week or the games of that day are worth points that are added to your score.  For the giveaway, we will participate in the 2013 Baseball Playoff Challenge, which will start on October 1st, 2013.  We will create a "StatMan" group, which I will link to on this blog post when the challenge is available online.  Here's what you have to do: join the group, play along, and the top score (other than myself and the winner of contest #1 above) will win a free copy of OOTP 14.  It's that easy!

So, there you have it.  You can win if you love the rich history of baseball or if you are a current aspiring GM.  Thanks for playing and good luck!

Out of the Park Baseball 14 is available on Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems for $39.99, with all seasons and players included. A mobile version with a couple of seasons included is also available for just $4.99 for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch).

For more information on the game and OOTP Developments, or to purchase the game, go to  You can Like them on Facebook  at and you can follow OOTP Developments on Twitter (@ootpbaseball).

And, you can always listen to me on Sports With The StatMan Wednesday nights at 11pm ET for our sports talk segment and Saturday mornings at 11am ET for our This Week in Fantasy Sports segment.  Our show is also on iTunes and the Stitcher Smart Radio app.  We are also on Twitter (@gstatman).

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