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Sports With The StatMan: Show Notes #315 - December 17, 2012

On a special edition of Sports With The StatMan, we welcomed @lilybraden to the show, our Boston sports contributor and now Stanley Cup of Chowder SB Nation blog contributor, Heather Yunger, to talk hockey. An entire show devoted to the NHL lockout, the players, the owners, and most importantly, the fans.

If you missed the show, or want to hear it again, download the audio from the link below.  If you have comments or questions on the episodes, feel free to leave a comment below or on our Facebook show page, Twitter, or our BlogTalkRadio site.  Links are at the bottom of the blog post.

Show #315 - December 17, 2012 - Special Edition: NHL Lockout (AUDIO)
  • Open: 42% of the season has been canceled and pessimistic on whether we will have a season at all
  • 2:00: Heather joins the program
  • 4:00: The sides do not seem that far apart. Is it worth losing a season over that difference?
  • 5:20: Both sides are to blame and taking their time
  • 6:50: What separates the NHL are the quality of their fans and the live feel of going to games
  • 8:50: The sport of hockey is evolving and the product on the ice is more exciting
  • 9:45: Difference of TV coverage of game in U.S. and Canada - capturing the live event
  • 13:35: Does a shortened season cheapen the road to the Stanley Cup and how would it change the season?
  • 17:10: Would a shorter regular season make more sense in the NHL?
  • 17:55: Stanley Cup Playoffs and NBC/ESPN
  • 21:10: Did the NHL come all the way back from the last lockout and will it be a national sport when they come back?
  • 23:15: Season ticket holder view of NHL Lockout and the possible drain on attendance
  • 27:45: Fans feel they have gotten short end of the stick. What can we do about it?
  • 31:05: On criticism of Boston fans for having the most active owner pushing the lockout, Jeremy Jacobs
  • 32:20: NHL/NHLPA and employer/employee comparisons
  • 33:50: Union decertification and "disclaimer of interest", is the union using their decertification bargaining chip too late?
  • 36:35: The 2012-13 end game and comparing NHL to other major sports
  • 38:00: Where I stand on the NHL Lockout
  • 40:15: Don Fehr gives Heather the heebie-jeebies, but owners use threat of lockout as a cudgel
  • 41:00: Closing statement: This is Heather's last lockout
  • 43:10: Upcoming episodes/How to Find the Show/Close

Show #316 - December 19, 2012 - Pro Talk - NFL Week 15/16, Hot Stove Baseball (SHOW PREVIEW)

Show #317 – December 21, 2012 - This Week in Fantasy Sports - NFL Week 16 (SHOW PREVIEW)

Here is what is going on next week on Sports With The StatMan:
Upcoming episodes:
  • Sports With The StatMan #316: Wednesday night, December 19th, 2012 at 11pm ET
    • NFL Week 15 Recap, Playoff Picture, Week 16 Preview
    • Giants in danger, clash of the titans in Foxboro, Jets season officially over, Vick and McCoy to return for the Eagles?
    • MLB Hot Stove: Dickey trade, who's left?
  • Sports With The StatMan #317: Friday afternoon, December 21st, 2012 at 1pm ET
    • Special date and time
    • Week 15 Weekly Best/Local Leaders, Injuries
    • Week 16 Hot Pick-Ups, Game Picks
All of that and more on Sports With The StatMan next week.  For the latest show schedules, log on to the show page at  Also, your corner sports bar is always open to talk sports.  Just go to our Facebook page and start the conversation.  Like us on Facebook and follow the show on Twitter (

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